Concur on Alexa for Business

Alexa, Ask Concur When Is My Next Business Trip?

Conversational interfaces are one of the fast-growing trends in tech.* As part of our research, we’re investigating how these interfaces can improve or redefine product design. With that in mind, we created a beta skill for Amazon Alexa for Business.

Beta participants can use their voice to trigger a personalized experience. Users can ask about upcoming flights, hotels, and rides. Additional features will be added as we continue to experiment.
Alexa, Ask Concur:
  • When is my next business trip?
  • What time does my flight leave?
  • Where is my hotel?
We’re currently running a private beta. If you’re interested, email us at Concur Labs Beta.

Source: “2016 Internet Trends Report” from Mary Meeker

Demo Video

Find additional details in our blog article.

You must have SAP Concur® Travel and Alexa for Business accounts for the skill to work properly.

This beta is currently available to US customers only.

Note that this is a beta from Concur Labs, a division of SAP Concur®. This service is not intended for commercial use and may not operate consistently at all times.