Concur on Alexa for Business

Alexa, Ask Concur "When Is My Next Business Trip?"

Conversational interfaces are one of the fast-growing trends in tech.* As part of our research, we’re investigating how these interfaces can improve or redefine product design. With that in mind, we created a prototype skill for Amazon Alexa for Business.

Participants can use their voice to trigger a personalized experience. Users can ask about upcoming flights, hotels, and rides. Additional features will be added as we continue to experiment.
Alexa, Ask Concur:
  • When is my next business trip?
  • What time does my flight leave?
  • Where is my hotel?
We're happy to announce that we are out of beta, and you can access this Alexa skill through TripIt Voice. For more information, please check the TripIt blog.

*Source: “2016 Internet Trends Report” from Mary Meeker

Demo Video

Find additional details in our original blog article and on the TripIt blog.